4 Tips for the Perfect Desk Setup on a Budget

Desk Setups

Are you looking to design a great desk setup, but don’t have the money to drop on full RGB peripherals, or a trendy new reclaimed wood desktop? You don’t need to break the bank to make your space look great. Here are 4 tips to get you started:

Use what you have - Before even starting on designing your desk setup, figure out what pieces you already have. Already have an old desk? See if you can clean it up and have it work with your space. Can’t afford to repaint your room? Design your desk setup color scheme around the current room color. Don’t look at these restrictions as barriers to making a great looking space, think of them as guidelines to inspire you to design a space that you truly love!


Look for DIY alternatives - Sometimes you have more time to spend on a project than you have money. In these cases, you can put your time to good use and build what you would otherwise have had to pay for. There are lots of great tutorials online for how to do things at home, like this video on a DIY desk cable management setup or this how-to article on how to make a great looking computer desk. This Lifehacker list could be a great source for inspiration as well. Not handy with tools? See if any of your friends love doing DIY projects and would be willing to show you the ropes.

Keep everything organized - The simplest and cheapest way to make your desk setup look great is to keep everything clean and organized. Keep your cables managed, your desk clear, and put away all projects your working on as soon as they’re done. Make sure you have proper shelving and storage space nearby to make your clean space easy to maintain.

Change the lighting - Sometimes you have everything color coordinated, your cables tied up and hidden from view, and your desk clear of all clutter and dust, but it still looks off. Often, this is because the lighting in the room is off. If you can, utilize natural light from nearby windows to fix this, but sometimes your space simply can’t be optimized in this way, and then the problem persists as soon as it gets dark outside.This can be easily fixed by investing in a desk lamp and making sure the room has light bulbs that match in temperature and give off a reasonable amount of brightness to light the space. You might be surprised how much simply changing the lighting in the room can affect the look of your desk setup.

Hopefully, these tips have opened your eyes to different ways you can make your desk setup look great without spending large amounts of cash.
And as a bonus tip to close out this post: Be creative! Look for solutions to problems that are outside the norm, and keep your mind open to using things in ways you wouldn’t expect.

Happy designing!

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